Frequently Asked Questions
How are you going to assign the Shuyookh to the packages, in other words, if I want to stay with a specific Shaykh, which package should I choose?

Sh. Muhammad Alshareef is in charge of the guidance and religious program, and conducting lectures and seminars. All the Shuyookh will be roaming on the packages based on the number of participants in each package. Basically, regardless of what package you choose, in sha Allah you will get to spend the same time as all the participants with the Shuyookh.

What about online courses?

Online courses will be offered through - the course offered to Al-Muyassar Hajj participants is an interactive exclusive version of the free course offered to the public.

When are you going to finalize the itinerary?

The itinerary is subject to a lot of variables for example the starting date of the month of Dhu'l-Hijjah. We are doing our best to finalize the itinerary as soon as possible. Please note, any changes made on the itinerary are going to be within the items mentioned on our website. Please keep checking the website for any updates.

I have heard that travelling times between cities can be quite lengthy. Will we be able to avoid this?

Regardless of what package you take, it's best to prepare yourself for long waits in traffic and the Mutawwif offices. We do our best to prepare the necessary documents for quick processing by the officials, but it's not uncommon to experience long waits.

Where is Shishah and how far is it from the Haram?

Shishah is a suburb of Makkah that is adjacent to Mina (next to Aziziyyah). The distance is roughly 5 km. Shishah is still considered to be in Makkah, and therefore is considered to be within the historical boundaries of the Haram area (different than the Haram Mosque).

If I'm staying at Shishah how can I get to the Haram if no shuttle is available at that time?

There are several taxis and buses that can take you from Aziziyyah to the Haram (and from the Haram to Aziziyyah). Unlike in North America, the transport prices aren't fixed. Before and after the Hajj, the typical cost is between 3-5 SAR (roughly $1 CAD) per person. During the busiest times, prices can be as high as 30 SAR per person or even higher, depending on how well you can bargain. In all cases, we recommend travelling in groups and never to travel alone, especially for women – it's unsafe.

Why do you include Shishah in my package if it is far from the Haram?

It depends on your package. Prices for accommodation near the Haram are higher than accommodation further from the Haram. For economy packages, including Shishah is essential to keep the cost of the package in reach for budget travellers, if you are taking any higher package and it includes Shishah beside other hotel accommodation in Makkah, this is a huge bonus, since you will have access to accommodation near Mina (Jamarat) during your stay in tents where you can leave your luggage. Also you will have access to private shower facilities unlike the public showers in Mina.

What can we expect the weather to be like during our stay?

The Hajj season will be during the fall of that region. During the day you can expect temperatures of up to 45ºC and during the night the temperature can drop to as low as 12ºC. It's very rare for there to be any rain in the region; however there were flooding incidents in the past due to poor sewage infrastructure. Please bring appropriate clothing to accommodate for this weather.

How much spending money should I bring?

One Canadian dollar is roughly equal to 3 Saudi riyals ($1 CAD ≈ 3 SAR). In terms of food prices, a typical sandwich from a street vendor cost from 3-5 SAR. From cleaner, more 'westernized' eateries, you can expect to pay roughly 25 - 40 SAR per person for a typical meal. Transportation, other goods will obviously vary in price depending on quality.

If I get lost, what do I do?

You will be provided the address of where you are staying at each stage of your trip. The name tag you will also have contact information on the back which you should be able to show to any official to help you find your way, in sha Allah.

What are the star-ratings of the hotels we will be using?

Star-ratings in Saudi Arabia use different standards to the one used in North America. We try to avoid using them since they are irrelevant to what we are accustomed to in North America.